The most important moment of our girls routine.
As you know, our hair is very dry and this dryness prevents the sebum from circulating well and causes a slow growth. I will not go into details but I just want to make you understand how important hydration is or you will never see the fruit of your work because if your scalp, your roots and hair is not well hydrated it will always be tangled and you will feel like your hair is not growing. It’s just that they do not lie down but stay wrapped up with each other.

Here’s a picture of my hair before moisturising it and its from three days after my deep wash and conditioning. As you might probably notice, my hair well clean, in twists (which I usually do after washing my hair). Ad: Picture taken a year post big chop.

You can hydrate your hair with several products that we all have at home. For example with water and glycerin; make this mixture and put in a spray and apply it section by section to your hair and be careful to leave it on your head. You can also in a spray or a bowl mix argan oil and aloe vera you apply it well on your hair and focus on the lengths. Aloe vera is really good, whether for the hair or the face (see my post on my hair growth secrets). You can even use it without oil.  I personally apply it to feed my hair; it has really helped with repairing dead skin cells on my hair (that can sometimes lead to dandruff) and keeps my hair shiny and conditioned.
Here are the two techniques I use and would definitely recommend. I will try others and in another article I will talk about the effects. But before we parted I wanted to tell you why you sometimes have trouble moisturizing your hair:
1. Either you use products that do not hydrate well so are not made for you
2. Either you expose your hair too much to heat
3. Either you use shampoos that dry your hair out. I just stopped buying different shampoos here and use only shea moisture products to wash my hair and that by myself.
4. Either you have a bad technique to maintain hydration.
What I do to maintain hydration is that just after my hydration I am bathing with oil. Of course I do not put a lot of oil just right. Then I will leave  20 mins in my helmet and then remove it and comb my hair. I usually put shea butter which is definitely my G!



  1. Very useful tips! I sometimes use water only to hydrate my hair. I put it in a spray bottle and apply to each section of my hair. Then I use oil to lock in the moisture, as you mentioned at the end of your post.


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