Gratefulness and Humbleness 

Hi guys,

So it’s been almost two weeks since I last posted. Sorry about that. As some of you might be aware, I have now resumed classes and its a whole new level. Postgraduate studies!

I started my Masters in Finance three weeks ago and trust me as scary as the course name seems to be, it fully carries its name and weight. I now have three hours long of lectures, with more individual learning, a lot of articles and academic papers to read, keep up with latest news, tutorials and seminars. Guys I have to submit a 20000 word dissertation by the end of the year. Should I be crying or laughing!

So far, I am not complaining but you know there’s never one thing you fully just engage with. I have my business to run, my job search to do (between applying for jobs, psychometric testing, phone and video interviews, assessment centres, CFA training, 24 hours seems a bit too short as every single second is accounted for. But well, one has to do what she has to do to get that life or to the position she aspires to be in.


I haven’t been exercising. News or normal?  I can’t really tell, but I have been active. That’s what I can say. I wanted to join Tennis again this year but guess what, membership is now £100 and I have been asking myself whether there’s going to be some sort of Wimbledon on campus courts because I do not understand the exorbitant fee. The Guardian had said it all when they had classified my University as porch. Forgetting that not everyone’s bank account is porch, lol.

Last week, I caught ‘fresher’s flu’, typical cold, cough, sore throat that everyone (well most people) get at the start of University when all the viruses meet in lectures and parties during freshers (I missed my freshers week so I do not know where I got this from by the way). It made me feverish and quite tired but it’s all gone, almost, now, thank God.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. Wherever you are reading me from, I hope you are making the most of your time, enjoying life and most importantly, seizing opportunities. I also hope that you are finding a way of getting that motivation, that inner strength and force that allows you to keep on top of your work and goals.

As I was writing this post, I was thinking, yes I am giving some updates and a random chit-chat about myself, but why not drop some light to all you readers. Well, I decided to explore the verse of the day on the bible app and I think I have come up with some fresh fruits to sweeten your days and week

No matter where you are, what you’re doing or how you got where you are at, as we set our minds on things above, shit still happens… Remain humble and grateful in everything you do. Every morning, you’re blessed to open your eyes and move your body. Live each new day to live as Christ and love as he did while giving praise to the Almighty God. We all are in different stages and places in our lives, which challenge us on so many levels. Yet the word of God is saying that those responsibilities are to be put at God’s feets so He can give us the grace to handle them. So that when it gets tough, we can stand and execute all unto the Lord. This is to get you out of your head and resist the devil trying to war for your peace.

Do not be discouraged and always seek for the David in you and know that victory is yours no matter the Goliath you can come across.

Till next time bees xx

19’s Observation.




“everyone has sinned and is far away from God’s saving presence.”

Romans 3:23 GNB

In other words, or the way I like it to sound is which completely doesn’t distort the initial passage is:

For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

All have sinned and all have fallen short.  Where then do we get the right to find ourselves better than another?  Where would we be able to say we were better because we were saved or because we were closer to God or sinned less?  Every person has fallen short of God’s perfection.  It doesn’t matter if one person got “closer” to perfection than another, because they too fell short.  God saved us apart from the law because we all are not good enough.  The “holier than thou” attitude is idiotic since we all are in the same depravity.  Who cares if one is less of a piece of scum than another?  We all are depraved sinners.  We all need salvation.  There is no reason why one would find themselves better than another when they realise that we all are depraved and unworthy.

Let’s pray:

Father God, I thank You for the Holy Spirit who fights fiercely on my behalf when I struggle with sin. Lord, make me sensitive to Your correction and sanctification while helping me to walk confidently in my salvation.  Remind me that You will have the final victory over my struggle with sin, because You are alive in me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.