Hi guys! Today, I received an exciting notification of my nomination for the ‘The Blogger Recognition Award’ by @katejones.


The simple fact that someone out there enjoys your work and shares the same interest is so touching and amazing. That said, I need to precise this is my first ever nomination and  I am so grateful and excited about it.

For this award, I am meant to answer a series of questions and must tag fifteen other bloggers to take part.

So let’s dive right into it!

Why and How I started my Blog

I started my blog in May 2016, about a week after final second year exams. I was finally ‘free’, and had things I had been writing on word document and saving on my mac. Things about experiences, life and emotions in general, things I love: writing, photography, cooking, beauty and fashion. Just a bit of everything.  I have always loved writing, I had always wanted to share content, mainly to inspire, educate, share and learn. So I finally decided having a WordPress blog would allow me achieve all that.

Initially, I was scared. I made my blog private and personal because I was feared judgement, I was thinking my content would probably not be appealing, and I felt like i was over exposing myself to the fast paced world of social media. However, after two months of privacy, with the encouragement of my closest friends, and self realisation that my blog was not complete until it was totally out there, I decided to ‘go public’. I felt  better that my post could finally help someone, educate, inspire or even motivate them. Not long after that, I got my first comments, first likes and reposts.

Believe me, this was the best feeling ever.

Who Nominated Me

I was nominated by the beautiful Kate Jones. She’s a fellow lifestyle blogger, editorial assistant and recent graduate. I enjoy reading her blog articles and one of the things that captivate me the most is her writing style.  She definitely works hard to produce quality blog posts and creative content.

Two Pieces of Blogging Advice

My first piece of advice for new bloggers and even existing ones is to always remain authentic. Most often, people try to copy what style they deem trendy in terms of blog post or content and completely forget about who they are, where they come from and where they want to head to. This is at the complete expense of the real you. Be yourself, write about what you enjoy, do not try to copy or compare yourself negatively to trendy bloggers and do not try to follow a pattern (e.g. If today you write about food, and tomorrow you feel like sharing a word of wisdom, go for it!).

My second piece of advice is to be bold, get out of your comfort zone and be open minded. When I created my blog, I was initially scared of putting myself out there for the fear been judged or somehow over exposing myself. That’s the past now! Do not be scared, judgement will always occur as we all have different opinions and perspectives about life and things in general. Be creative and unleash the ‘you’ in ‘yourself’, always be open to new ideas, things and be humble enough to learn. WordPress is a huge platform and there’s so much out there to grasp.

My Fifteen Nominees 

  1. BAYN’s Music
  2. themindofasilentspeaker
  3. peripeteia5
  4. samyrablog
  5. womanofvirtuesite

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