I am Laurianne, the figure behind 19’s Observation. Defining myself is a quite intriguing question but I will say my values define me as a person. I am that person whose ambitions and hope have kept me going forward and made me more willing to achieve great things.

I come from Cameroon in central Africa but I currently live in the United Kingdom. I admire the fact that the territory groups the various tourist attractions of the continent, hence the reason why it is commonly called “Africa in Miniature”.                                           I love Tennis, Reading, Writing, Cycling, Expeditions, Arts, Photography and Cooking. The most important thing to me is to feel accomplished, and be happy.  My family is very also very important. Life has thought me to remain consistent with whatever i do, to be patient and also persevere. I have also learnt that i am much stronger than what i thought i was. When i meet people for the first time, the first thing i usually notice is their sympathy. When no one is around or i am left on my own, I tend to meditate, think about my life, about stuffs or simply, take time out and relax. I easily forgive and most at times forget too. I have a strong desire to succeed in life. My definition of success is achieving my goals and fulfilling my objectives. Successful people are original  and actually do  things that distinguish themselves from others. I also believe they stay themselves and remain consistent. They are hard workers who never give up. They do, they don’t talk much! My ideal lifestyle will be one were i have a successful career, i’m financially stable, have nice and well furnished house, travel around, and may be have a ‘man’ and children by my side too. 

With this said, I aspire to be above all happy and free. 

Till next post xx

19’s Observation.



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