There’s nothing more thrilling than being around people who emanate an energy of endless possibilities.

The title ‘friend’ is not something I give to everyone. Although people usually say, ‘I have nothing to prove to you’, I believe with friendship you have to prove yourself.

Friends are very special people in my life. When I make plans, the immediate aftermath my family, are my friends. I value them and they contribute to part of my personal development.

To pronounce someone in my life as more important than all of the others, as being on a different plane of relationship, that despite not being romantic, is still profoundly important, makes me feel so privileged.

Holding this title therefore means three major things:

  1. Commitment 
  2. Trust 
  3. Mutual Growth

That allows our friendship to last and that becomes an incredible life change. I could add more but this is the basis from which I go.

‘I don’t have many friends’

For the simple reason being that I like to keep my circle small. Some people call me their friends but actually, they’re still taking my private assessment. By this I mean: it is not neccesarily reciprocal.

I like difference, good people, kind hearted ones, God-fearing, honest, funny, intriguing personalities, those with a pinch of mystery. Not those who are ‘just like everyone else’-common. Nevertheless, I understand, tolerate, and accept people with their flaws, their own downsides, their habits …

People will say, I put my bar high and I say yes! I believe: “Friendship is a selection”. I can’t take everyone. How far I go in this life is partly dependent of who I choose to stay with. Do I want to go as far the stars or stay on the ground with a bundle of wishes? Do I want to stay with people who drain my energy and vitality?

That’s why I believe it’s important to be choosy about who we spend our time with. A God-fearing, strong, positive and pliable friend will elevate you to unimaginable height.

To the real ones who stole my heart,

19’s Observation.


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